Rural Development is one of the primary focus area of UVYC. Major activities undertaken includes farmers training, promoting pisciculture, skill development for drug addicts etc. 

    1. Farmers’ Training: UVYC conducted training for farmers to improve the skills for livelihood activities like fishery, horticulture etc. For instance, the UVYC conducted a 10 Day Farmers’ Training on Fishery management at Mayang Imphal Community Hall, Imphal West District from 15 to 24 December, 2018.  35 young boys and girls participated in the training, which is intended to provide skill of Fishery management and maintenance in local level by the farmers. 

    2. Skill Development Training for Drug Addicts:   The UVYC conducted series of livelihood skills improvement training targeting drug addicts.  Key activities includes the following: 

    a)  Toy Making: As part of the skill development for drug addict inmate’s successful integration to the society, the UVYC conducted a 3 Months Training on Soft Toy Making from 3rd November to 2nd December, 2018 at Mangaal IRCA complex, Torbung. 25 women of recovering drug addicts were participated in the training. The participants learned soft toy making like Tedy Bear, puppy, chicken, rabbit, rate, etc. 

    b) Bamboo Tool Making (Mora):  The UVYC conducted a 1 Month Training on Bamboo Tool Making from 12 August to 11 Sept. 2018 at Mangaal IRCA complex, Torbung. 19 women of recovering drug addicts were participated in the training. 1 Instructor deputed by the Industries Department, Government of Manipur. The participants learned Bamboo Tool (Mora) making in different shapes like small, big and chair etc. The participants can produce the said things after training and they can sells their product at the Exhibitions and local markets. The beneficiaries can earn cash income from this productions.

    3. Fish Culture Project: The United Voluntary Youth Council conducted fish culture cum rearing training to promote the livelihood skills of fishing communities. For instance, a 5 Day Fish culture Training cum rearing at Kokchai, Imphal West II from 22nd till 26th, November, 2018. 40 farmers (including 20 women ) from Kokchai village, Samusang village and Anirongbi village attended in the training. Three (3) Resource persons from Fishery Department, Govt. of Manipur delivered in different related topics. Demonstration also conducted at fish farm at Kokchai. After Training they rearing different fishes in a pond around 03.50 acres at Samushang Santipur under the sponsorship of UVYC. The Organisation guide them and form Self Help Group to sustain the activities. 

    4. Care and Support for Aged:  The UVYC conducted a One Day awareness campaign on care and support of aged at different villages of Imphal West II Block, Imphal West District.  60 participants of young men, women and men aged from different villages were participated in the campaign in 10 villages. The participants shared their issues, thought and experiences about aged rehabilitation. The Organisation conducted counselling of the aged and their families.