The realization of sustainable development goals, including environment, climate and people friendly development is the need of the hours in Manipur. Much challenges remains on the realization as there are longstanding concerns with the increased changing nature of environment in Manipur, both due to the impacts of human activities and climate change. Climate change also affected the health of Manipur’s environment and subsequently affecting its peoples’ relationship with nature and environment. 

UVYC endeavored to protect the forest of Manipur as the loss of forest in the major catchment areas of major rivers of Manipur has led to the unregulated flow of the water flow in the Rivers.  Loss of forest will lead to loss of livelihood of communities, while also aggravating the climate change and impacts. 

UVYC undertakes efforts to promote the rich biodiversity of Manipur, with its myriad floral and faunal species as part of promoting sustainable development with the support of the Land is Life. UVYC endeavored documentation to appreciate the unique heritages and diversity of Manipur. The organization also promote the traditional practices of land and resources management through application of traditional knowledge and practices such as community forest management in Liyai Village in Senapati District.  

Documentation is conducted on the causes of loss of forest and agriculture land, wetlands etc in Manipur.  
The UVYC conducted series of awareness within communities in Manipur, such as at Tamenglong, Ukhrul, Chandel, Imphal East etc to conserve the forest, the wetlands, agriculture land etc and to protect the endemic flora and fauna of Manipur. The awareness meetings targeted youths and women.