The Coronavirus 19 Pandemic lockdown in Manipur has caused many inconveniences and suffering too many indigenous communities of Manipur. Manipur announced lock down from 24rd March onwards to curb the spread of the virus. UVYC endeavored to provide relief, food and medicine to communities, who experienced difficulties and economic challenges due to loss of their land, forest, livelihood sources. UVYC provided mask, soaps, sanitizers, and other minimum within communities in interior areas. 

UVYC has provided relief works to several villages in the four districts of Manipur from 21st April till August 2020 in coordination and support by the Association for India’s Development and Land is Life to cope up with the impacts of COVID-19 lockdown. On 21st April, the UVYC provided rice, potato, lentils, sugar, oil and sanitary items like soap to the villages of Chadong and Ramrei Villages in Kamjong district, whose agriculture land and forest are submerged by the Mapithel dam. Further on 22 April, essential livelihood items were also provided to the villagers of Tumukhong Village and to selected households of Nungbrung, Laikhong, Kamuching etc in Imphal East District. 

UVYC also provided some relief items to selected households in villages of Heisnam, Salam, and Karang etc in Thanga constituency in Bishenpur District on 24th April. The organizations continued to provide relief work to villagers of Wakha Village on 25th April. The organizations also provided relief to selected villagers of Nungba village and Kambiron (Puilon) Village in Tamenglong District on 26th April. UVYC respond to the need of essential items and medical items in the far flung and remote areas of Manipur, to uphold the community rights over their land and resources. UVYC also provided relief to Kambang Khullen and Kambang Khunnou in September 2020.