UVYC strived to promote the rights and welfare of disabled persons in Manipur. Youths and disabled persons are the primary beneficiaries of the organization. UVYC currently managed a programme, entitled Community Based Rehabilitation on Persons with Disabilities (CBR) to promote the welfare and rights of disabled persons in Imphal West Block II. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Empowerment, Government of India and Caritas International are key funders for the organization.   The key intervention of the organization for the disabled included home based intervention, certificate issuing for disabled, Government schemes for disabled, linking up for access to concerned services for the disabled.         
The Key Primary areas of intervention for Persons with Disability:  

  • Health: Intervention on health areas includes facilitating receiving disability certificates to gain access to available health facility, to provide appropriate and enough nutrition for the disabled, access to food, motivation to the family and encouraging disabled to undertake exercises.  The organization also engaged with community members and organizations to gain medical access and support to kids. 
  • Education:  Referral of disabled people, especially children to schools and other appropriate educational institutions forms key intervention on education areas for disabled 
  • Livelihood: Providing awareness and facilitating disabled to gain access to Government schemes and imparting and developing livelihood skills forms key initiatives under livelihood support. 
  • Social: Identifying donors for support of disabled and formation of groups for disabled such as for mentally retarded, physically disabled etc are other steps in the social arenas. Encouraging youths to integrate into the society, such as encouraging to participate in sports, music and other extra curriculum activities are other initiatives, to help gain respect and to prevent discrimination of disabled.  
  • Empowerment: Awareness on legal rights of disabled and identifying the legal loopholes for protection of rights and welfare of disabled forms key activity of UVYC.