The key objectives of UVYC includes

  • To Render service for the welfare of the members and non-members of the Council 
  • To raise the level of youth welfare beyond its traditional confines 
  • To support innovative research experimentation and social actions from the point of view of bringing the gray areas of the programme into bold relief, thereby giving way to viable, replicable models for furthering the objectives of youth, women and children welfare programme.
  • To work in promotion of health sector for drug ( substance) demand reduction, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, TB,  Cancer, and other diseases as well as Health and family welfare services of persons with disabilities, aged and needy persons.
  • To create income generation activities in terms of Agriculture and allied farming,  Horticulture, Fisheries, Livestock,  Handloom and Handicrafts, other small scale industries and promotion of watershed management and  conservation of forest & environment and natural resources.
  • To promote Arts and Culture, games and sports of the young people and create its infrastructure so as to promote tourism and nation building.
  • To conduct training, Camps, workshops, seminar, conference and awareness campaign in different related issues.
  • To promote conveyance / communication and tourism welfare services so as to enable provide employment to the youths. 
  • To serve for promotion of Human Rights and protect women and children from harmful situations under appropriate Law of the land. 
  • To establish educational institutions / Resource Centres and organize welfare programme activities for vulnerable student’s youth, women and children for self-reliance.  
  • To promote various related activities of skilled labour and unskilled labour and manpower for education, training, health and employment.  
  • To give relief when there is danger, trouble and natural calamities.
  • To promote libraries and information, publish journals, periodicals and reviews.
  • To raise fund by way of donation, subscriptions, grant-in-aid from the Government, non-Government organizations and Companies, members and non-members. 
  • To promote sustainable development and foster the protection and rejuvenation of environment