The United Voluntary Youth Council, Imphal was established and registered on 22nd January 1984 under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 and now it has been changed into Manipur Societies Registration Act 1989 bearing Registration No 5380, dated 9th May 1984. UVYC is also registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976, bearing Registration NO. 194130098, dated 28/03/94. 
UVYC has 25 years of voluntary experience in the field of youth to meet on the most pressing need i.e. the need for an independent body respectively to challenges of youth. Voluntarism and dedicated services of the organization shaped the organization to become one of the premier voluntary and a resource center for youth welfare services in Manipur.    

The UVYC was established with a group of energetic, dedicated and enthusiastic youths to assist it by encouraging experimentation in strategies and methodologies as well as promoting basic and applied resources in the field of rehabilitation of survivors of drug abuse and addiction thereby contributing to success of the integration strategies in the state. Thus, there has been a constant interface between those changed with policy making and programme implementation in the Government and UVYC.  

The Scope of this interface is now being broadened in order to bring about regular interaction with the state government as programs are implemented at the grassroot level. Youth is one of the most potential stages of human life. Such valuable energy of potential of human resource can utilized in right track to contribute in Manipur as one of the leading and developed state.  


The organization targets to foster a peaceful society, to ensure quality life, gender equality, secure food security, equal justice, healthy environment, good democratic governance, educated society, respect to religion, promotion of values and customs etc of various peoples of Manipur.


Mission of UVYC is to render youth, development service and strengthen the local youth organizations, government bodies promoting self-reliance of the vulnerable youths with the motto of participation, development and to bring a peaceful society and foster sustainable development.